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TripsNirvana-Product evolution process

When we had this idea to launch an mobile app for travel community the first thing that we decided is to keep lean product development life cycle and initially launch for Android platform and then iOS and Web Platforms later.First Iteration we wanted to keep it simple and develop  a MVP and open it to closed Alpha users selected from various travelling community. We went to the drawing board and identified the core features that would be needed when we plan to do a trip, and also the features that would be needed to document your trip.

Our product management team went to the drawing board and charted the ideas that popped out of the discussions and finalized the following features for Iteration One.

TripsNirvana Iteration One

Once the development and testing of Iteration one was completed we launched the app to few selected users from Alpha group and asked them to use the app in their trips  so that we can get the feel of how the app solved the travelers problems that we conceived.After a week product team met with the users to get the feedback and we had a wide range of feedback of what they liked and what features the app was  lacking. They gave us real valuable insights which helped the product  team to get back to drawing board and brain storm on the feedback to decide on the features and improvements required for Iteration two.


The idea map for second iteration looked as below and the development team went in full steam to complete the features and improvements suggested by users and product team.

TripsNirvana Iteration Two

We have completed the development and we are now in the final stages of testing.We soon plan to launch the beta version in Play store and then based on the feedback from various real time users we plan to evolve the product to its next phase. Watch out in this space for Launch news soon.

About TripsNirvana

TripsNirvana - Explore.Travel.Share is a Trips Discovery app which helps you to plan for your best vacation.Your one stop guide to all the honest travel advices you have been looking for. It’s a community based travel app, which means all the experiences shared on the app are by other fellow travellers who have a first-hand experience of the place and understand what it’s like to be travelling there.Explore the app now to have a memorable vacation.

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