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Kumarakom – God’s own Paradise

There is no denying that Kerala is god’s own country, but there are just so many places to see and experience in Kerala that you might just lose track of time, and your breath. Kumarakom is one such place. Located beside Lake Vembanad, the place is full of calmness, serenity, beautiful coconut trees. Kumarakom is famous for the backwaters and is actually on the other side of Allepey which is a little more renowned for its houseboat, beautiful backwaters and the paddy fields. But we recommend giving Kumarakom a shot.

Kumarakom Kerala


Why prefer Kumarakom over Allepey?

Allepey is based near a small town and while it’s a good option if you would want to stay closer to the city but, if you are looking to experience the real serenity and quietness of Kerala, we would say go for Kumarakom. The quality of the resorts and houseboats are better in Kumarakom with an added bonus of Ayurvedic massages!

Kumarakom kerala sunrise


How to reach Kumarakom

Kumarakom is about 50km from Kochi. You could reach Kochi through flight or train, it has a really good connectivity with the rest of the country. From Kochi, you could take a taxi with you to Kumarakom.

The other way is to reach Kottayam railway station which is just 16km from Kochi, this would save you the long road ride and there are a lot of taxis always ready to take you to Kumarakom at the railway station.  But this railway station is pretty small as compared to Kochi’s, so make sure you get your train tickets well in advance.

Where to stay in Kumarakom

Where to stay in Kumarakom


 This place has some of the most luxurious and beautiful resorts in Kerala and there is no reason why you shouldn’t treat yourself to some of that luxury. But in case you are backpacking and are on a budget trip, you should know the place also has some great budgeted holiday homes and you could easily get a room for 500-700 INR. But if you are going on a weekend, make sure to book your stay in advance to get the hotel and the room you want, without any trouble. Almost all the hotels and holiday homes in Kumarakom can be booked online.

Places to see around Kumarakom

Cruising on the Vembanad Lake

 Kumarakom house boat in Vebanad lake


You could enjoy the Vembanad lake in a houseboat. They are available either for a day cruise or to spend the whole night in the lake. But we would recommend spending the day cruising and taking the night off in a relaxing resort. Spending the night in a houseboat would not only feel a bit too dreadful but there are often a lot of mosquitos.

Kumarakom bird sanctuary

Kumarakom bird sanctuary in kerala


With migratory birds flowing in from Himalayan and Siberian region, this wetland bird sanctuary is one of a kind. The place attracts a lot of tourists all day long because of the amazing flock of birds here that you hardly get to see around the region. There are guided bird watching cruises organized every day, just don’t forget to carry your binoculars.

Enjoying in an Ayurvedic resort

Kumarakom ayurvedic massage kerala


As we mentioned before, many of the resorts here in Kumarakom are very luxurious and they offer various Ayurvedic treatments. Travelling through Kerala which is so famous for its Ayurvedic massages, there is absolutely no excuse for you to miss out on this.

Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls

Right in the Kumarakom district are the Aruvikkuzhi waterfalls. They are not very far from the lake but are tucked in the green rubber plantations and watching the water fall is like experiencing a blessing descending right from the heaven. Mornings are the best time to go and enjoy the scenic waterfall since it gets a bit humid around noon and evenings get dark pretty fast.

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